Tuesday, 15 December 2015

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The Amazing Restaurants in Leeds

Leeds is a city that many people associate with a party and while I would completely agree with this statement once the sun goes down, it is very important to remember that there is a lot more to Leeds than just clubs and bars for those who like a few drinks. There are many other reasons why a trip to Leeds is an excellent plan and the amount of fantastic restaurants available more than back up my point. In this article I am making it my goal to help you with making the decision as to how you can get the most out of your time in this city with a great meal at one of the many amazing restaurants in Leeds.

The first restaurant on my list is of course the Food Emporium, a restaurant offering extremely high quality Indian cuisine that will leave your taste buds tingling for hours afterwards. Whether you’re a fan of a hot curry or just a mild bit of spice, the expert chefs who work here are dedicated to ensuring that your food is cooked exactly how you want it. I would highly recommend this restaurant to any fan of spicy food.

If you’re more looking for contemporary British cuisine then a better option for you might be Truffles, a restaurant which has quite a reputation around Leeds for being a high quality restaurant serving fantastic food. The staff are also impeccably trained and really know what their menu inside and out and are more than happy to assist you if you have any questions about a particular dish. All in all you will really struggle to find better traditional British food anywhere in Leeds, so if this is your preference then Truffles is the one for you.

Of course, not everyone is happy with British food like they would eat at home or at any old pub, yet also aren’t so keen on the spicy food, no need to panic, as Leeds still has many more options, including an Italian restaurant which has been reviewed by some to have the best pizza outside of Italy. I am of course referring to the Trattoria Il Forno, a very classy restaurant perfect for those who are looking for a booking with one of the girls over at Red Rose, or even just for a family outing somewhere with exemplary food.

A Leeds companion

Thursday, 5 November 2015

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Knightsbridge hotel review: The Park Tower

Knightsbridge escorts know a little something about hotels, so we’re going to share a few opinions with you. They come from very reliable sources; namely, the girls!

The Park Tower reeks of money of course. But then, when you’re staying in Knightsbridge, you can expect to spend a quid or two. It’s one of those areas of London where you get the very best, so you can expect to pay for it. Take our Knightsbridge escorts for example. They’re the very best, but actually they’re quite reasonable in price as far as luxury escorts go! Perhaps we should look at that?

Anyway, we’re off topic. The Park Tower has pretty much everything you would expect a luxury hotel of this calibre to have. Therefore we won’t bore you with the standard stuff. You already know you’ll get all that fancy stuff in your room right? It’s the finer points we want to point out.

Your room

A standard occupancy in a standard room will set you back around £400 or so. The nice thing about the rooms, in our opinion, is that they all have gorgeous bedding. Not to mention nice big beds too! If there’s anything a Knightsbridge escort appreciates, it’s a nice big bed. She may need to relax and unwind herself, when she gets there you understand? And you won’t mind at all will you?
But seriously for a moment. From the marble interior of the lobby to the ornate staircases, when you get to your room you’re going to expect it to be special. And it really is. The other feature that the girls love so much are the marble bathrooms. Especially if you get one with the massive marble tub in the middle of the room with a view; it’s so luxurious!

Knightsbridge escorts really like the views

You see, that’s the other deciding factor, if our Knightsbridge escorts actually had the choice of which hotel to stay in. The views from The Park Tower are stunning, and it seems that the hotel has gone out of their way to ensure you get to see one wherever you are. You’re going to feel like James Bond if you stay in one of their suites however. The Kensington and Hyde Park Suites are real gems, with beautiful panoramic views of the city that look great during a clear day and really nice at night.

More info

For more information about The Park Tower, to make a booking, check the restaurant (excellent by the way!), check out the concierge or chauffeur service, visit the website and you’ll find everything you need; as well as some great pictures. In the meantime, you’re going to need some company. You can’t rattle around in those giant rooms on your own now can you?

Knightsbridge escorts available now…

Thursday, 15 October 2015

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a very good morning

Ooga-Chukka Ooga Ooga Ooga-Chukka Ooga Ooga

It was a very good morning. The Awesome Mix Vol 1. was the perfect 6:00 am shower companion. Speaking of perfect companions.... the night before had awakened something in me that didn't fancy sleeping in.
Tossing one last chocolate mini croissant into my mouth I strutted out of the breakfast room and flicked open my umbrella as I held the door for an elderly couple making their way in through the hotel doors.
“Morning, Sir! Can I get you a cab?” enquired the cheery doorman.
I took in the view along the embankment as the taxi idled in the rain, tracking the London Eye's slow procession through the drizzle burdened window.
“Fuckin' cyclists!” emplored the driver, the tyres hissing on the wet tarmac as we accelerated into the Blackfriars underpass.
Enraptured with the spirit of life, I casually flicked at my phone and watched while Good brought in the day's agenda. Welcome dinner 8:00pm, The Bleeding Heart caught my eye. Well, there went the evenings plans. Or so I thought.
Another day passed in bewildering succession of Starbucks, catered meetings and whiteboard scribbling. Were we making progress? Did it matter?
A spectacular sunset fell across the Thames as my companions as we enjoyed bottled Peroni on the back deck of the Thames Clipper on our way back to BlackFriars. Pleasant though it was, my thoughts were back in the bar of the hotel with the enchanting company of Miss A. Her playful eyes and seductive smile, her lips as sweet as candy. Back in the moment. I faked a smile and tossed back the last drop and gestured for a second.
The intimate setting of the restaurant jarred with the masculine elite company as the flowing Sancerre slowly wrestled with my composure and professionalism.
“Succulent fillet, that!” commented a colleague.
“Yes...” I whimsically retorted, “www.very-highend.com."

Thursday, 8 October 2015

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London Museums

If you’re looking for a way to kill some time before your booking with a stunning London escort from the London escorts website there are few better places in London to pass the time than in some of the incredible museums you can find all around the city, with remarkable exhibits and some incredibly unique artifacts and as such in this article I am going to give you some advice on which of the museums are the best to check out and which of their exhibits are the ones you should really check out.

Natural History Museum

This museum will forever be one of my personal favourites within London and it is a wonderful place for you to learn an awful lot about the history of life on earth and all for absolutely nothing, entry to this amazing museum won’t cost you a penny. There is also free wifi available throughout the entire museum so that you can download audio guides to the exhibits which can really help you with navigating your way around the museum and finding the more exciting exhibits that are available for you to see.

British Museum

This museum is commonly known for being one of the best museums in the entire world, having astonishingly famous artefacts contained within its walls such as a statue from Easter Island and the Rosetta stone which has led to our understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs today. Some of the biggest archaeological breakthroughs have now been moved to this museum where they can be seen by the public whenever you want to visit thanks to the completely free entry.

Science Museum

This is another museum which is entirely free to enter, although it is recommended that you help them out by donating £5 per person. There are some shows at the IMAX theater inside which you do have to pay to view however these are amazingly informative and exciting to watch and because of this they are definitely worth splashing a bit of cash on.

Friday, 21 August 2015

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Best Hotels in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most affluent areas in the whole country so as you could imagine it makes for some incredible accommodation. The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is one of the best 5 star establishments in the Chelsea area, when staying here you will get some of the best views available in London with views of the River Thames and views over the iconic London landscapes. The hotel has some incredible facilities such as, Health Club, Fully equipped Fitness centre and a 17 metre indoor swimming pool. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Chelsea escorts.

A great hotel to try when in the Chelsea area is Blakes Hotel. This is one of the best hotels in the area, the staff contribute a huge part to being one of the best with their customer service they really do work round the clock to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order and do so with enthusiasm which makes for a great experience when staying here. The restaurant based within the grounds of the hotel is a great place to dine which makes this pretty much the perfect location to enjoy a getaway in Chelsea. This location is ideal to take one of the highest class Chelsea escorts for the time of your life.

When looking for somewhere to stay in Chelsea it doesn’t get much more elegant than the DraycottHotel, the building the hotel is based in dates back to 1890! This hotel is the epitome of elegance, the traditional old fashioned style rooms with a modern twist really do give an incredible relaxing feel making this the ideal location for a getaway weekend. This is the ideal type of location to take one of the most beautiful Chelsea escorts. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

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What to do in Marylebone

Marylebone is one of favourite parts of London. It has everything that you would typically associate with the London little and a lot more as it is one of the more affluent parts of the city. Marylebone is located within the city of Westminster, central London so you will find that transport links are very good in the form of the tube, bus and of course taxi. If you are coming to London for a holiday then I suggest that you have a look at what events are going on in Marylebone because you are probably going to find something that you will enjoy.

One thing that always comes highly recommended is the Marylebone escorts. I have been using the escort agency London Lady Boys for many years now and they were my favourite London escort agency from the first time that I booked from them. You can never go wrong with a wonderful shemale escort on your arm and that is a pleasure which I indulge in pretty much everytime I go out in Marylebone. You simply can’t beautiful the company of shemale, who will be kind and caring as well as someone which you can have a good, intellectual conversation with.

When you are enjoying the pleasures of shemale escorts the venue is the only thing to be concerned about. One of my favourite events of the year, most certainly of August is the Notting hill Carnival. The Notting hill Carnival is Europe’s biggest street festivals and is celebrated on the weekend leading up to the August bank holiday (29th-31st August).

There are loads of bars in Marylebone, one of my favourites is the Artesian; a bar where you will be dazzled by a fantastic array of delicious cocktails that could satisfy the alcoholic appetite of any connoisseur. Of course it is always better with a shemale escort on yo r arm!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

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What makes the perfect London escort date?

An “Escort Date” is much like the fabled forbidden fruit of heaven – the temptation and the inhibition exists together!  If truth be disclosed, then an escort date can be one of the most adventurous and exciting moments in a man’s life looking for casual and adult fun with a stunning diva without any strings attached. This date can range from witty flirting to romantic conversations to amorous love-making and many more. This is what makes up for a perfect London escort date! Wondering how to get lucky on this? Casino London Models, a premium London escorts agency can make this happen for you! All you need to do is dial in the number and get talking with our professionals.

Unique speciality of London escort dates
·         The unique element about a perfect London escort date that there are no strings attached! You date this gorgeous lady with a bold attitude and feminine looks, free from any pangs of commitment. She is here to have fun with you and have a great cosy time together! So from dirty talking to sensuous nudges, go as your desires dictate you. This bombshell has a yes to all your desires.
·         Her company is something that you are going to love! This strikingly beautiful lady does not only keep high taste in style and personal fashion, but is also well groomed to perfection. This means she is witty, intelligent and amicable. On an evening or dinner date, all eyes will be on you for carrying this diva beside you. That sure is an ego booster every man would love to experience.
·         You get to choose your date! That’s right. Most authentic and leading London escort agencies, such as Casino London Models offer its clients with an exotic image gallery with the details of all its stunning women. This means, you get to choose the lady you want as your perfect London escort date.
·         Clients also get to choose between incall and outcall services, when they are planning to date these bombshells. Both the services are facilitated by the escort agency and all the dealings and communications are kept private for privacy purpose.
·         The most important one! It doesn’t cost you a fortune to opt in for the lady of your sensuous dream for your perfect London escort date. The agencies today charge reasonably and do not create a dent in your pocket.

Casino London Models is a leading escort agency that has been quenching the desire of many men seeking romance and adventure by arranging the most exotic London escort dates for them. From blondes to brunette’s, the lady of their dream is right there in the website’s image gallery and is all set to step out and enjoy intimate moments.

Summary: Men often get inhibited or shy away from experiencing the perfect London escort date! Casino London Models is a premium escort agency that can turn this desire into reality by providing their glamorous women for incall and outcall service, at an affordable price rate along with complete privacy guaranteed.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

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5 Types Of Controlling London escort Clients

Elite escorts in Chelsea spend time in the company of many types of gentlemen. Their regular, infrequent and one-time clients all have different personalities and personal wants and needs. Most of these clients are generally charming and a pleasure to spend time with. Occasionally a client with a controlling nature will make an appointment.
Controlling Client Types
1.  The Sugar Daddy
Wealthy gentlemen who are more mature in years sometimes like to disguise their controlling and manipulative habits by establishing a connection with a much younger female companion. When the Sugar Daddy makes appointments with elite Chelsea escorts he likes to spend time with young Sugar Baby companions. For him, this connection is all about having the power and influence to control a dependent relationship. His generosity will mask his manipulation but his habit may be evident in the way he commands and expects certain things.
2. The Extravagant Gift Buyer
Some clients like to treat their favorite elite Chelsea escorts. Extravagant gifts may include expensive jewellery, designer clothes and accessories, first-class travel and holidays and other costly items that demonstrate the considerable flashing of cash. A gentleman who likes to indulge his high class escort companions manipulates and controls through a lavish display of generosity. He gets a kick knowing that a sophisticated and attractive woman is wearing his gifts. This makes him feel he has ownership.
3. The Frequent Regular
Clients who often book multiple weekly and monthly appointments with the same elite Chelsea escort are manipulating and controlling the escort’s time and connections. Because he books so many appointments to spend time with her, he feels that their connection is more important to her than any other. He may also ask her to reduce the size of her client list so that they can spend even more time together. This illusion gives him a false reality and feeds his obsession and emotional attachment to his favourite high class escort. He’s convinced that the high number of appointments he makes means he has a special place in her life.
4. The Personal Stylist

Gentlemen who have very specific dress code requirements like to control and manipulate their elite Chelsea escort in a much more subtle way. For an appointment this gentleman will expect his high class London escort companion to wear a particular outfit, style of lingerie or role play costume, and he will be exceptionally pleased when she shows up for their meet wearing the garments. He may even take her shopping to buy her things he approves of and likes. By controlling his companion’s appearance he claims ownership through approval and gains a great amount of satisfaction from the escort’s obliging eagerness to please.

Monday, 1 June 2015

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“Maria Maria, she reminds me of a West Side story” the infamous lyrics of Carlos Santana from his 1999 chart hit featuring Wyclef Jean. I have had this song in my head on repeat now for over a week, all thanks to one very special Eastern European beauty. As you could probably guess her name is Maria, and I first stumbled across this gorgeous girl while looking through Mayfair Girls London website, which I might just add is one of the best agency websites around, very easy to use and it looks amazing. Well back to Maria, I was instantly enticed by her pictures on the site which I have to add are 100% accurate, unlike some other sites I have used. At a first glance most people will notice her incredible pair of 36DD breasts, and nobody is to blame, they are a work of art, but believe me when I say they look and feel a lot better in real life, easily the best pair of breasts I have got my hands on.

I was working local in Edgware Road, so I had booked myself in to see Maria one evening for a one hour incall for £300 and when I arrived I really started to appreciate just how wonderful Maria really was, the pictures on the site didn’t do her face justice, she is absolutely stunning and has beautiful brown eyes. With an infectious personality I quickly become comfortable around her and once we got down to business I was blown away by just how good she made me feel. After initially being left speechless I decided I had to extend my stay and ended up staying for another two hours for an extra £400; which was worth every penny.  A sensual massage and a brilliant chemistry topped of what I saw as the perfect booking for myself.

Monday, 18 May 2015

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Manchester food and drink festival

The Manchester Food and Drink Festival is returning for its eighteenth year, it’s the biggest event in Manchester’s foodie calendar and they have just announced a whole host of fabulous culinary treats. From the 10th-21st September there will be a fresh programme of exciting and innovative food and drink events that will culminate in a fabulous Gala Dinner for the MFDF Awards. The awards will be held at the Beautiful Manchester Cathedral, where Manchester’s finest culinary talent will win a much coveted award. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escort Agency are ecstatic about the event and wait to sample the delights on offer.

The hub of the festival will be on Albert Square, Manchester, M2 4JW, the square will be transformed into delightful food-village where Manchester’s finest street food will be satisfying the tummies and exciting the taste buds of Mancunians.  There will also be a Biospheric Mushroom Pod where revellers will have to chance to experience hyper-localised mushroom farming. Next door will be a pod where local chefs will be cooking up the fresh mushrooms and created mouth-watering mushroom dishes. There will also be a Bio-Historic Banquet happening in the shadow of a tyrannosaurus rex at the Manchester museum. The menu will be influenced by history and is set to be a sensational culinary event.

On September 13th the first Great Manchester Bake Off will begin, the North West’s finest amateur bakers are invited showcase their finest baked good to the one and only Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. The dynamic duo will be casting their experienced eyes over entrant’s cakes and pastries and will choose the best to go through to the finals. The North West’s baking enthusiasts will have to ensure there are no soggy bottoms in sight. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escort Agency love to bake and are big fans of Mary Berry, they can’t wait to present their buns to Mr Hollywood in September. There will also be a huge Great Manchester Bake Off Bake Sale for revellers to satisfy their sweet tooth.

For those who like a tipple the country’s finest sommelier, Fergus Henderson of Michelin stared restaurant St John’s in London will be sharing his expert knowledge. From a hangover pick me up to a lunch bottle of Vino or an afterhours cocktail Fergus’s incredible knowledge will impress the attendees. Along with all the things mentioned so far there will be a whole host of other culinary events that are set to delight Manchester’s fanatic foodies.