Thursday, 4 June 2015

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5 Types Of Controlling London escort Clients

Elite escorts in Chelsea spend time in the company of many types of gentlemen. Their regular, infrequent and one-time clients all have different personalities and personal wants and needs. Most of these clients are generally charming and a pleasure to spend time with. Occasionally a client with a controlling nature will make an appointment.
Controlling Client Types
1.  The Sugar Daddy
Wealthy gentlemen who are more mature in years sometimes like to disguise their controlling and manipulative habits by establishing a connection with a much younger female companion. When the Sugar Daddy makes appointments with elite Chelsea escorts he likes to spend time with young Sugar Baby companions. For him, this connection is all about having the power and influence to control a dependent relationship. His generosity will mask his manipulation but his habit may be evident in the way he commands and expects certain things.
2. The Extravagant Gift Buyer
Some clients like to treat their favorite elite Chelsea escorts. Extravagant gifts may include expensive jewellery, designer clothes and accessories, first-class travel and holidays and other costly items that demonstrate the considerable flashing of cash. A gentleman who likes to indulge his high class escort companions manipulates and controls through a lavish display of generosity. He gets a kick knowing that a sophisticated and attractive woman is wearing his gifts. This makes him feel he has ownership.
3. The Frequent Regular
Clients who often book multiple weekly and monthly appointments with the same elite Chelsea escort are manipulating and controlling the escort’s time and connections. Because he books so many appointments to spend time with her, he feels that their connection is more important to her than any other. He may also ask her to reduce the size of her client list so that they can spend even more time together. This illusion gives him a false reality and feeds his obsession and emotional attachment to his favourite high class escort. He’s convinced that the high number of appointments he makes means he has a special place in her life.
4. The Personal Stylist

Gentlemen who have very specific dress code requirements like to control and manipulate their elite Chelsea escort in a much more subtle way. For an appointment this gentleman will expect his high class London escort companion to wear a particular outfit, style of lingerie or role play costume, and he will be exceptionally pleased when she shows up for their meet wearing the garments. He may even take her shopping to buy her things he approves of and likes. By controlling his companion’s appearance he claims ownership through approval and gains a great amount of satisfaction from the escort’s obliging eagerness to please.

Monday, 1 June 2015

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“Maria Maria, she reminds me of a West Side story” the infamous lyrics of Carlos Santana from his 1999 chart hit featuring Wyclef Jean. I have had this song in my head on repeat now for over a week, all thanks to one very special Eastern European beauty. As you could probably guess her name is Maria, and I first stumbled across this gorgeous girl while looking through Mayfair Girls London website, which I might just add is one of the best agency websites around, very easy to use and it looks amazing. Well back to Maria, I was instantly enticed by her pictures on the site which I have to add are 100% accurate, unlike some other sites I have used. At a first glance most people will notice her incredible pair of 36DD breasts, and nobody is to blame, they are a work of art, but believe me when I say they look and feel a lot better in real life, easily the best pair of breasts I have got my hands on.

I was working local in Edgware Road, so I had booked myself in to see Maria one evening for a one hour incall for £300 and when I arrived I really started to appreciate just how wonderful Maria really was, the pictures on the site didn’t do her face justice, she is absolutely stunning and has beautiful brown eyes. With an infectious personality I quickly become comfortable around her and once we got down to business I was blown away by just how good she made me feel. After initially being left speechless I decided I had to extend my stay and ended up staying for another two hours for an extra £400; which was worth every penny.  A sensual massage and a brilliant chemistry topped of what I saw as the perfect booking for myself.