Thursday, 15 October 2015

a very good morning

Ooga-Chukka Ooga Ooga Ooga-Chukka Ooga Ooga

It was a very good morning. The Awesome Mix Vol 1. was the perfect 6:00 am shower companion. Speaking of perfect companions.... the night before had awakened something in me that didn't fancy sleeping in.
Tossing one last chocolate mini croissant into my mouth I strutted out of the breakfast room and flicked open my umbrella as I held the door for an elderly couple making their way in through the hotel doors.
“Morning, Sir! Can I get you a cab?” enquired the cheery doorman.
I took in the view along the embankment as the taxi idled in the rain, tracking the London Eye's slow procession through the drizzle burdened window.
“Fuckin' cyclists!” emplored the driver, the tyres hissing on the wet tarmac as we accelerated into the Blackfriars underpass.
Enraptured with the spirit of life, I casually flicked at my phone and watched while Good brought in the day's agenda. Welcome dinner 8:00pm, The Bleeding Heart caught my eye. Well, there went the evenings plans. Or so I thought.
Another day passed in bewildering succession of Starbucks, catered meetings and whiteboard scribbling. Were we making progress? Did it matter?
A spectacular sunset fell across the Thames as my companions as we enjoyed bottled Peroni on the back deck of the Thames Clipper on our way back to BlackFriars. Pleasant though it was, my thoughts were back in the bar of the hotel with the enchanting company of Miss A. Her playful eyes and seductive smile, her lips as sweet as candy. Back in the moment. I faked a smile and tossed back the last drop and gestured for a second.
The intimate setting of the restaurant jarred with the masculine elite company as the flowing Sancerre slowly wrestled with my composure and professionalism.
“Succulent fillet, that!” commented a colleague.
“Yes...” I whimsically retorted, “"


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