Thursday, 8 October 2015

London Museums

If you’re looking for a way to kill some time before your booking with a stunning London escort from the London escorts website there are few better places in London to pass the time than in some of the incredible museums you can find all around the city, with remarkable exhibits and some incredibly unique artifacts and as such in this article I am going to give you some advice on which of the museums are the best to check out and which of their exhibits are the ones you should really check out.

Natural History Museum

This museum will forever be one of my personal favourites within London and it is a wonderful place for you to learn an awful lot about the history of life on earth and all for absolutely nothing, entry to this amazing museum won’t cost you a penny. There is also free wifi available throughout the entire museum so that you can download audio guides to the exhibits which can really help you with navigating your way around the museum and finding the more exciting exhibits that are available for you to see.

British Museum

This museum is commonly known for being one of the best museums in the entire world, having astonishingly famous artefacts contained within its walls such as a statue from Easter Island and the Rosetta stone which has led to our understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs today. Some of the biggest archaeological breakthroughs have now been moved to this museum where they can be seen by the public whenever you want to visit thanks to the completely free entry.

Science Museum

This is another museum which is entirely free to enter, although it is recommended that you help them out by donating £5 per person. There are some shows at the IMAX theater inside which you do have to pay to view however these are amazingly informative and exciting to watch and because of this they are definitely worth splashing a bit of cash on.