Thursday, 5 November 2015

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Knightsbridge hotel review: The Park Tower

Knightsbridge escorts know a little something about hotels, so we’re going to share a few opinions with you. They come from very reliable sources; namely, the girls!

The Park Tower reeks of money of course. But then, when you’re staying in Knightsbridge, you can expect to spend a quid or two. It’s one of those areas of London where you get the very best, so you can expect to pay for it. Take our Knightsbridge escorts for example. They’re the very best, but actually they’re quite reasonable in price as far as luxury escorts go! Perhaps we should look at that?

Anyway, we’re off topic. The Park Tower has pretty much everything you would expect a luxury hotel of this calibre to have. Therefore we won’t bore you with the standard stuff. You already know you’ll get all that fancy stuff in your room right? It’s the finer points we want to point out.

Your room

A standard occupancy in a standard room will set you back around £400 or so. The nice thing about the rooms, in our opinion, is that they all have gorgeous bedding. Not to mention nice big beds too! If there’s anything a Knightsbridge escort appreciates, it’s a nice big bed. She may need to relax and unwind herself, when she gets there you understand? And you won’t mind at all will you?
But seriously for a moment. From the marble interior of the lobby to the ornate staircases, when you get to your room you’re going to expect it to be special. And it really is. The other feature that the girls love so much are the marble bathrooms. Especially if you get one with the massive marble tub in the middle of the room with a view; it’s so luxurious!

Knightsbridge escorts really like the views

You see, that’s the other deciding factor, if our Knightsbridge escorts actually had the choice of which hotel to stay in. The views from The Park Tower are stunning, and it seems that the hotel has gone out of their way to ensure you get to see one wherever you are. You’re going to feel like James Bond if you stay in one of their suites however. The Kensington and Hyde Park Suites are real gems, with beautiful panoramic views of the city that look great during a clear day and really nice at night.

More info

For more information about The Park Tower, to make a booking, check the restaurant (excellent by the way!), check out the concierge or chauffeur service, visit the website and you’ll find everything you need; as well as some great pictures. In the meantime, you’re going to need some company. You can’t rattle around in those giant rooms on your own now can you?

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