Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Couples Tantric Massage

Many couples experience periods during their relationship when the passion wanes or fades altogether. It can be for many reasons, but often it is as a result of one of or both of you neglecting to dedicate the time and enthusiasm needed to keep a relationship fresh and alive. We are caught up in our busy lifestyles, our work takes us away from our loved ones, and we are swamped by the pressures of everyday life. A London tantric massage could provide an exciting solution to this lack of passion, and get your relationship back on track and better than ever!
A tantric massage can be used to explore your sensual sides with one another against a backdrop of pampering and luxury. Revel in the sensations of being touched by the hands, body and breath of a tantric princess in an elite London location and you could soon feel the passion start to creep back.  Our masseuses are highly-trained in how to touch you to ignite your sexual energy and to encourage the flow of delightfully erotic sensations through every zone of your body. Both of you will experience the tingle of anticipation as you let go of any negative feelings you might have had and become awash with desire. There will be no pressures placed on either of you, and all that will be asked of you is that you relax and let your beautiful masseuse do what she does best. Watching one another and sharing the experience will bring you closer together, and you will learn new ways to touch one another that you will most definitely want to explore further! With our couples Tantric Massage London, you can book two masseuses, and both be massaged at the same time. The result will be increased confidence when touching one another and a shared experience that will deepen your bond.
At Guilty Pleasures London we have bisexual masseuses who are highly knowledgeable of both male and female erogenous zones and take great pleasure in helping you to feel fantastic with one another. Call us now and book a bespoke appointment with someone who is an expert at providing pleasure for a spiritual as well as a physical release!