Thursday, 7 January 2016

Visit Knightbridge- A walk on the high-class side of London

If you’ve ever fancied a vacation to one of the more affluent and historic areas in the United Kingdom, why not try Knightsbridge? Situated in the heart of Greater London, this retail centre is definitely worth taking a look at. Aside from the many exclusive shops, Knightsbridge contains one of the most beautiful urban sprawls in Britain. Just remember to bring your wallet!

Knightsbridge is a home to many upscale shops, the most famous of which includes Harrods and Harvey Nichols. There are a wealth of other gorgeous designer shops for absolutely anything you can think of, from cosmetics to clothing, furniture and even garden products.

If you aren’t packing the obscene amount of money it would take for a day of spending, there’s still a large variety of legitimate reasons to take a tour of London’s affluence. The nightlife atmosphere is gorgeous with lights and extravagant restaurants, the perfect place for you to take your Knightsbridge escort out for an eventful evening!

Any decent tour of London will feature Knightsbridge. Not only is it a walk on the finer side of life, it’s also a walk through a significant chunk of history. Up until the 19th century, the area was notorious for robberies and murders until it was transformed. Now there are unique buildings with historical and aesthetic value. However, Knightsbridge has still remained a target over the years for various crimes and even a few terrorist acts.

With an endless amount of luxury cafes and some very prestigious museums all located within a close vicinity, it could take a week to sift through all the activities available. Throughout the year there are plenty of exhibitions and art to see. From the Watch Gallery to the Victoriaand Albert Museum, Knightsbridge literally leaves you spoilt for choice.

Any visit to London isn’t complete until you have been shopping, dining and observing the brilliant sights of Knightsbridge, so why haven’t you been yet?


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