Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Preparing for a Half Marathon with a Tantric Massage

We all know the incredible benefits of massage for long distance runners as well as the relaxing properties of erotic massage that add to its many emotional and physical benefits. With many of their clients now preparing to push themselves towards their goals this summer London Tantric are sharing some of their half marathon tips for clients who come to use with tired muscles from training this summer.

Train on the road
Many runners make the mistake of training entirely indoors and get a shock when
their feet touch the tarmac. With some miserable winter weather here in the UK it is easy to understand why manner prefer to run on the treadmill. Now the sun is out there is really no excuse. Training outdoors prepares you for race day in more ways than building your pace and endurance. Hills, uneven road and weather changes are all to be expected outdoors so only training in the elements will really prepare you for the race to come.

Ditch your headphones
Part of the kick of running a half marathon is the public atmosphere. Running is a solitary sport but for maybe the first time, you will be having a very social experience. Music may help motivate you but when it comes to race day you should be enjoying the cheers of the crowd and even the chat with fellow runners. Don’t be shy or withdraw from this social opportunity.

 Sleep and water are a runner’s best friend
Nothing prepares your body for physical exertion like water and sleep, the two most necessary of nature’s gifts to man. Don’t skimp on water or shut eye in the days leading up to the race by making sure a dose of both is a fixture of your routine and training. 

Get a massage

Your tired muscles will thank you over and over again for the incredible relaxing experience of a massage during your training. Massage not only relaxes your muscles and helps release the buildup of toxins from exercise but a massage, especially from one of our beautiful elite masseuses, is just what your body needs to stay clam and your mind to stay focused. What could be more motivating than knowing you can melt into the hands of a beautiful woman as she expertly teases away your aches with an amazing erotic massage? We certainly can’t think of anything! 


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