Friday, 25 November 2016

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Meditation and Tantra

Meditation is that thing we all know would be good for us to do but we don’t exactly know why. It’s also something that is often associated with crazy millionaires and hippies who don’t eat meat. Mediation, however, is so much more than that and it’s an important thing for anyone to try. Recently an article came out about a school that had changed detention for meditation and the amazing results this had had on the young students. But exactly what is meditation? Mediation is often described as a state of deep and thoughtless awareness. That is to mean a state in which our minds and bodies are complete at peace and we can be completely aware of our needs and the way our body is working.
As you can see this doesn’t say that meditation is a moment of silence or even a moment of concentration… simply a moment where we allow ourselves to be still but fully aware of our minds and bodies.

But why is meditation good for us? Basically, meditation simply reduces our stress levels in great amounts and if you reduce stress the amount of benefits are nearly endless… Anything from lowering your blood pressure to sleeping better is all achievable through meditation.

So you want to achieve these benefits but don’t feel like sitting in a room and humming ‘ohm’ over and over? Well why not try other forms of mediations? For example, tantric massages from Tantric Dolls are actually a form of guided meditation that uses sensual energy to achieve the same benefits as any other kind of mediation. The difference is that due to your senses being completely stimulated you’ll actually be able to achieve this much easier than simply sitting in silence. The entire process is quite enjoyable and you’ll easily find yourself falling into a routine of meditating whenever and however possible. The entire process from start to finish is completely enjoyable and you truly will not be able to think about anything else other than what’s happening right at that moment when that masseuse lays hands on you for the first time. You’ll be receiving all the benefits and then some…