Monday, 12 June 2017

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Why Tantra Can Help you Whether you're a Man or a Woman

Time, as they say, is money and your life should be worth more than all the money you have in the bank at any point. So, make sure you invest your time wisely, use it for something that is useful, something good and something that makes you happy. Sure, that might sound like you should spend your entire life working but truth is that enjoyment can have a pretty hefty price too. 

When you have free time make sure you spend it wisely doing things that actually make you happy. Sure, spending your days glued to the television or your computer might sound like it makes you happy, but does it really? Most people that report being depressed admit to spending up to 6 hours a day (not counting the hours at work) glued to their electronic devices compared to those who spend half of that and report feeling content with their lives. Sometimes your mum is right and getting out there and doing new things can be much more gratifying than your computer screen.
Bella from Minx
Masseuses like Bella from Minx can
provide you with a tantric experience like no other

Doing active things does not necessarily mean going outside and doing sports though. That might not be for everyone and especially not during the summer heat. So, instead enjoy London indoors and book yourself a sexy tantric massage for your lonely evenings when you would normally be glued to the television. Why a tantric massage among all the other activities you might spend your time on? Because it is the best bang for your buck, as they say. 

You won’t just be enjoying a full body massage but also be enjoying a tantric experience that will blend the pleasures of the mind and the body into one incredible sensation. By the end of the massage you won’t just be relaxed but above all you will be satisfied. The kind of satisfaction that comes from a single massage is worth so much more than the time you are investing in it and it can actually help you live a much more fulfilling life.

Every man should try a tantric massage from agencies such as Minx Massage at least once in their lives. Sure, you might think a tantric massage is just as good as any other massage but actually tantric massages bring more to the table than you might even realize first hand. So here are just a couple of reasons every man should try one (and maybe two or three or four…).

1. Emotional Healing

Some people do not realize this but Tantric massages are actually first and foremost an art form meant to help you with your emotional well-being. This is not in spite of the wonderful physical attributes of Tantra but because of them, as you learn to receive pleasure, self-esteem and self-worth are heightened, leading to a better overall happiness.

Also, for men this is particularly true as they have a harder time verbalizing their emotions, through tantric massages they will find that simply learning non-verbal communication can be a powerful tool for emotional healing.

2. Experience Pleasure

Of course these massages are all about pleasure but said pleasure will come in many forms during the tantric massage. You will obviously feel pleasure from your sensual energy being fondled with and then replenished and fulfilled but also the effect of this means your muscles will relax naturally, your ability to self soothe pain activate your spirituality become balanced with your physical being. 

And yes, all this might lead to an orgasm which is not the general goal of the massage but it always well received.

3. Sensual exploration.

Western culture has not just made it impossible for women to be completely satisfied but has also punished men for exploring their more feminine impulses. 

A man that wants to be held in bed or that has curiosities about his body is considered weak and also constantly chastised for his impulses. Through Tantra however a man can explore his needs, his sensual desire, his curiosities and figure out exactly what he needs in a partner. 

This might seem a bit odd but many men who come in to a tantric appointment with one idea in mind of what they want actually come out feeling like perhaps what they thought they wanted was not only not all there is out there but not realistic to them at all.

What about Women?

Having discussed the reasons why every man should try tantric massages it seems only logical that
Luana from Minx
Luana is one of the many bisexual masseuses at Minx Massage
we also talk about the reasons every woman should also try tantric massages at least once in their lives. Tantric massages seem to be very male dominated and honestly it I easy to see why: tantric masseuses tend to be woman! So most women are quick to shy away from booking a tantric massage for themselves, especially those that are not bisexual or lesbians, however women need to know that tantric massages are not just there for sensual pleasure and there are plenty of benefits that women can get from the massage that have nothing to do with whether they are attracted to their masseuse or not. It is all a question of opening your mind and accepting pleasure into your life no matter who the pleasure comes from. That being said here are some of the benefits that women can get from a tantric massage in London.

1.       Accepting pleasure.

Of course, like stated above women seem to be almost reluctant to accept pleasure. In fact some women are even convinced that they just cannot ‘get off’ with sex and would rather do it on their own. While self-exploration is wonderful it is sad that women think sex is not going to get them orgasms. Thanks to your masseuse you might realize that orgasms are possible no matter who is wielding the magical sex wand.

2.       Curving menstrual cramps.

Due to the nature of the massage women will find relief in knowing that the more they work on any muscle the more they will learn to control it and relax it when need be. When we have menstrual cramps our muscles painfully contract causing pain so when we learn how to unclench and release the tension in those muscles it might bring some much needed relief to menstrual cramps.

3.       Curving impulses.

Failing at dieting, shopping too much, getting angry… all these impulses come from some sort of tension that is not being released properly or an impulse that is not being quenched. Through Tantra you will learn to quench you thirst for the things that matter and thus learn to curve those things that just bring temporary pleasure and no long lasting effects on your happiness.